Let’s face it, your dog does not like spending hours alone in an unstimulating place waiting for you to come home. Bones, chew toys or squeekies can only provide stimulating fun for a short period of time.  And after awhile, even the most stimulating toy becomes….well- boring.

Those long hour days spent at home away from your love and affection take their toll by making them misbehave, lose their social skills, and become lazy and depressed.

Our doggie daycare center is a wonderful and invigorating way for your dog to spend long days without you. Surrounded by play buddies and caring attentive staff, your dog will have a great time.  Separated by size and temperament we have 4 separate play areas: Puppy Play Area, Small Dog Play Area, Medium Dog Play Area and Large Dog Play Area. Each area includes fun play equipment with ramps, steps, platforms and tunnels.

Dog Daycare is a great way to keep your dog in top mental, physical and social shape while providing much needed stimulation and fun!

Our Daycare Services Offer

  • Up to 12 hours of Group & Individual Playtime Monday through Friday
  • Up to 10 Hours of Group & Individual Playtime on Saturday
  • Frequent Outdoor “Potty” Breaks
  • Lunch Service Available
  • Lots of Love and Affection
  • Gourmet Treats and Goodies
  • Weekly activity days – Featured on Facebook
  • Separate play areas for Puppies, Small, Medium, Large & Senior Guests
  • Ramps, Tunnels & Play Equipment in each area
  • Fresh filtered water available at all times
  • Live attendants in the area supervising the guests
  • Additional concierge services available by request
  • Aqua Park Play Times (additional fees may apply)

Daycare Pricing

Single Full Day $33
Family Play Full Day (per dog) $28
Half Day (up to 5 hours) $25
Per Hour $10
Mulit-Day Packages Available Call for Pricing