If you’re worried about bringing your dog to daycare, daycamp or any other activity- Don’t be – you can’t catch corona from your dog nor can your dog catch it from you!
Here are some interesting excerpts from an article from WebMD – the link to the full article is at the end
“To help process the current situation, here are some questions and answers, based on information from the American Veterinary Medical Association, the CDC, the World Organisation for Animal Health, World Small Animal Veterinary Association and several veterinarians.
How worried should I be that the virus will infect my pet? Not very worried. As of March 1, no animals in the United States have been identified with the virus and currently, there is no evidence that a dog or other pets can contract or spread the disease among themselves or humans, says the CDC.”
“The risk to and from pets appears low at this time,” said Brennen McKenzie, VMD, a veterinarian with Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Gatos, Calif., and author of the book ‘Placebos for Pets: The Truth about Alternative Medicine in Animals.’Animals spread viruses between one another that are genetically distinct from human viruses. The genetic distinction makes it extremely difficult for humans and their pets to pass diseases on to one another.
“Again, I think it’s highly unlikely that you could get COVID-19 from your dog, or give it to another dog,” he said. “If my neighbor were to become sick with COVID-19 and had a dog, I’d be willing to walk it for them. I am not worried I would get sick from their dog, or from their dog’s leash.”