Exercising Your Dog Indoors

Dog Standing For Treat

On a busy day, it is often easy for time to get away from you. You may have it on your agenda to take the dog outside to exercise, but as the day goes on, you get busier and you run out of time. However, there is a solution. Here are some indoor exercises you can do with your dog:

1. Laser Pointer

After a long day, sometimes all you want to do is just relax. So what do you do when Fido wants to play? Easy. Just bring out the laser pointer. While you relax, just move the laser pointer on the floor and watch your dog chase it around the room. Keep in mind that you should avoid shining the laser in your dog’s eyes in order to prevent injury. At Very Important Paws, we offer laser chase as an activity to provide your dog with plenty of exercise.

2. Work for the Treats

Try hiding treats around the house in different places, such as behind doors or under the table. Once you have them hidden, just let your dog go to work finding them all.

3. Treadmill

This one may take a little more time for your dog to get used to, but it has amazing health benefits to it. Be sure that they are familiar with both the sight and sound of the treadmill. Once they are comfortable, turn the treadmill on the lowest speed and let your dog walk on it. Try standing in front of the treadmill and give your dog treats as they walks on it. As your dog adjusts to the treadmill, you can gradually increase the speed. We actually just purchased our own treadmill to exercise the dogs on. If it’s too hot or cold outside, these exercises are perfect to help your dog get the proper supplementation of exercise.

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