Fun things to do with your dog during COVID quarantine

You are probably getting bored staying at home all the time stuck being quarantined. We all are. Dogs are known for charming up the mood but making the boring days more fun. You don’t necessarily need to get bored when you have a dog and you can just have a lot of fun around the house. Here are some great things to do with your dog if you are stuck indoors during the quarantine.

Dog Yoga

The way this works is you never force your dog to do it, instead start incorporating it in your daily playtime and walks. It won’t only help you reduce your stress but doing yoga with your dog is a great pastime as well. Take your yoga mat out and let your dog’s curiosity explore the room. If your dog seems intrigued by your yoga practice, go ahead and incorporate him into some yoga poses.

Find The Treats

You don’t only need to keep your own brain active during these times but you also need to do the same for your dog’s mind as well. A fun and energetic game of “find the treats” is the perfect answer for this. Pick out your dog’s favorite treats and hide it in different places that are easily reachable. Once your dog has waited patiently, give it a go-ahead to find all the treats. Make sure to praise your dog after it finds every treat to make it feel special. You’ll make the most fun out of it when you truly start to enjoy it and can turn a boring evening for you and your dog into a fun and interactive one.

Practice The Heel Command

Does your dog pull the leash while going out on walks? This is the perfect time to start working on that heel command. You might be going out on more walks than normal during this time which means more time to train your dog. Your dog can learn more quickly during this time because you go on walks frequently and training is fresh in their minds.

To master this command, let your dog walk a little ahead of you and once it has reached the end of the leash turn around and start walking in a different direction. Pull the leash firmly to get your dog’s attention and say the words “heel”. Your dog will follow you in the new direction and will eventually learn to walk beside you rather than walking in front of you.

Movie Night

If you feel like you are just stuck at home and feel like you have nothing to do, doing a movie night with your dog might be just what you need. Call your dog over for a cuddle session and enjoy the movie together. Try to watch a movie that involves dogs in it, it will spark your dog’s interest. More often than not, dogs will actually watch the movie with you and engage with stuff happening on the screen, especially when they hear familiar sounds.