Gift Guide for Dogs: Top 8 Gifts to Give Your Dog for the Holidays

Christmas Pup

Who’s the most difficult person to shop for each holiday season?

Your dog, of course!

Every year you wonder, “What does my pup really want for Christmas?” Naturally, your furry friend is loved throughout the year – and love is all it truly wants. But treating your best friend is just as rewarding for you as it is for it – and you can never spoil it too much.

With that in mind, here are the best dog gifts for 2019.

Peanut Butter  Dog Treats

Even humans would drool at the thought of these dog treats. Imagine how happy your pup will be if you made these for them!

Gourmet Dog Treats

Pamper your pet with delicious homemade peanut butter banana treats! Decorate them and give them as the idea holiday gift.

Pet Advent Calendar

Spoil your pet with tasty treats from a homemade pet advent calendar! Countdown to Christmas with a Santa treat!

Dog Harness

Dog harnesses make practical gifts by giving you added control and your dog more comfort. Your pet will thank you for the extra exercise (or maybe it’s the other way around).

Spa Gift Certificate

All dogs deserve to be pampered! Splurge this holiday season and get your dog a day to the spa. They will get to enjoy hot-oil treatments, aromatherapy, paw pad trim and more!

Dog Training Toy

You love to play with your pet, but it can get hard when your dog is not trained. Pop into VIP to get your dog a training aid to help them learn.

Squeaky Toy

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? A squeaky toy is a dog’s best friend, even though you may not be a fan! Dogs have so much fun with those and play with them forever.

Gift Basket

Each holiday season Katrina creates a selection of holiday baskets, Christmas  themed, Hanukkah themed and more. Each is packed with toys, treats and goodies.

With this list, you’re all set for holiday shopping. Don’t forget if your busy this holiday season to book your reservation for your pup. They deserve to have fun too!