October Is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Dog Smiling

Who among us could not use another friend? And better yet, how about a friend who is always excited to see you, whose primary role in life is to please you and who loves you unconditionally? Then what in the world are you waiting for?  Go to your local animal shelter and take your pick! This country’s shelters are overflowing with dogs, cats and an assortment of other animals awaiting a second chance.

Most animals are there through no fault of their own.  They are victims of circumstance. Some are survivors of cruelty or neglect, but most are just the product of a throw-away society where living things are all too often treated like yesterday’s news. Animals in shelters really only need one thing and that’s you! They need someone who will provide them with all their basic needs – nutritious food, fresh water, a safe shelter, proper training and most importantly, love.

The return on this investment is immeasurable.  Your new best friend will add to your life in ways you might never imagine. He’ll provide you a furry shoulder to cry on and a non-judgmental ear to hear your deepest, darkest secrets. She’ll be an exercise companion and a fellow couch potato. He will stand beside you when all others have walked away. So, visit your local shelter today to adopt a friend (or two) for life!