Swimming for Dogs

VIP Dog and Pet Pool

Can your dog go swimming in the pool? Should your dog exercise in the pool? The answer to that is why not. Especially one a warm South Florida day when your dog is going to find any way possible to cool off while outside hanging with you. There are a few things to take into consideration with both your pool and your dog when it comes to letting your dog swim in the pool.

Pool Circulation
The circulation of the pool plays a part in the cleanliness of the pool. Dogs carry more dirt than humans do. If you are going to have your pup swim in your pool then it’s recommended to have a good filtration system so the pool isn’t constantly filthy.

A Willing Dog is a Willing Way
Not all dogs enjoy going into the water. Forcing a dog to do so is not a good idea as it can cause stress. You do not want to cause stress on your dog giving them a reason to dislike the water even more.

If your dog is willing to go for a swim it’s best to let your pup know where the steps so they can easily get out of the pool by themselves. Depending on your dog this may take a few times for your dog to fully understand the exit point of the pool.

We recommend that you purchase a life vest for your dog. They can be purchased at a reasonable price and will help your dog not drown.

Dogs can also get their share of exercising done in the pool. Before having your dog exercise in the pool make sure that he knows how to swim. Some dogs can’t swim so do not assume that all dogs can.

The dirt in the pool can be harmful to your dog’s health. It’s recommended to rinse off your dog after swimming in a pool or lake.

Swimming in the pool with your dog is a great exercise for yourself as well. 30 minutes of swim can burn up to 160 calories. That’s for a casual swim with the dog. Keep in mind the calories burned will vary depending weight, height, and age.

If you would like to switch up your dogs exercise routine you can do so in a variety of ways. Call us here at VIP to schedule a tour of out in-ground dog shaped pool: 561-366-9000