The Three Best Dog-Friendly Airlines


We love taking our furry dogs with us everywhere, even when we travel a long distance. Sometimes, not every airline is suited for you or your dog’s needs. However, some airlines may surprise you. Here are the best dog-friendly airlines ranked!




Delta airlines have a specific dog cargo area that is climate controlled and airtight for your dog’s protection. Flying with your dog in cargo with Delta means having a flight attendant tell you when your dog has made it on to the plane and when your dog is available for pick up. Every dog is handled with care and consideration for their owner.

Cargo or Carry On: dogs can be transported as carry-ons or as cargo. No brachycephalic dogs can be put in the cargo area.
Maximum Dimensions: Cannot exceed the under-seat dimensions of the aircraft or the cargo room dimensions of the aircraft.
Price: $125 per dog (U.S., Puerto Rico, or Canada), $200 per dog (the Virgin Islands and Outside U.S.), $75 per dog (Brazil)

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Offering the second least expensive dog fee is Southwest airlines. Southwest also has a line of branded dog carriers that fit different small sized dogs. This makes it easier for you to confirm that your carrier is the appropriate size for your dog’s safety and comfort. However, there is a limit to the size of the dog you can bring with you on a Southwest flight. Since Southwest does not allow dogs in the cargo area, you must bring them as a carryon, and even then, there are not dogs allowed on international flights. However, when it comes to domestic flights, Southwest is a great option for small animals.

Age Minimum: 8 Weeks
Location Restrictions: No international flights
Maximum Dimensions: 18.5in x 8.5in x 13.5in
Maximum Capacity: 2 Dogs Per Ticket
Carry On: Animals can only be stored as carry-on

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American Airlines


As one of the biggest dimensions offered for dog carriers, American Airlines lets your dog enjoy much more space than other airlines. Dogs can be transported in the cabin when traveling to and within the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and the Caribbean. For first class guests, each dog needs to be placed in a special dog section of the plane. The flight attendants are very communicative about the status of your dog throughout the flight. So, rest assured, when flying American Airlines, your dog will have one of the most relaxing experiences, as relaxing as it can be for your dog.

Age Minimum: 8 Weeks
Time Limit: No Longer Than 12 Hours
Maximum Dimensions: 19in x 13in x 9in
Maximum Capacity: 2 dogs

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Approaching Landing

As we all know, it is not ideal for us to bring our dogs aboard any flight but sometimes it is necessary. The best option is to keep your dog in the cabin with you. However, if needed, there are options for safely putting your dog in the cargo bin. Hopefully, these options and information help when circumstances require you bring your furry friend on your next adventure in the skies.

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