Using the FDA Website as a Pet Owner

Bulldog Puppy Eating From Dog Bowl

Many major brands of pet foods were recalled due contaminated wheat gluten in the ingredient mixture. This was not the first time that a brand or brands of pet food have been recalled, nor will it probably be the last.

One way to keep yourself informed about pet product recalls and other potential safety warnings is to subscribe to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Email Update Service.   This free service offered by the FDA will keep you updated on a variety of product issues not only as a consumer but as a pet owner as well. To begin receiving your email updates, go to the FDA’s website home page, scroll down to lower right corner to the box that says GET UPDATES and click on the link GET EMAIL UPDATES.


Very Important Paws subscribes to the Recalls and Safety Updates and the Animal and Veterinary Health Updates to stay abreast of pet and animal related warnings and recalls. In addition to the Recalls and Safety Updates, and the Animal and Veterinary Health Updates, you can subscribe to updates on the following topics: Biologics, Consumer Health Information, Dietary Supplements, Diseases and Conditions, Drugs, Food and Nutrition, Medical Devices, Radiological Health and more.  Using the FDA Email Update Service is a great way to stay informed not only as a pet owner, but also as a consumer. In addition, it helps to cut through all of the media clutter to determine exactly what the problem is, what the danger is, and what steps you should take to protect the health of yourself, your pet, and your family.


Visit: FDA Website