Why Daycare Beats a Dog Walker Hands Down

As a loving pet parent, you care deeply about the well being of your four-legged family members, and that includes their physical health. You want your dog to be happy, healthy and active, and you do what you can to make that happen.

At the same time, you are busy with your career, working hard to earn the money that keeps dog food in the bowl and food scraps by the table. So you hire a dog walker to take Fluffy or Fido on romps around the park or stroll down the city streets.

That may be a good start, but hiring a dog walker may not be the best thing you can do for the dog who gives you so much love, attention and devotion. If you want to take your canine care to the next level, why not give your dog something special with a doggy daycare?

Doggy daycare beats a dog walker hands down, and there is no comparison in the amount of personal attention, safety, exercise and other benefits your dog will receive if you trade in the daily walk for a stay at a doggy daycare. Here are Five of the advantages of doggy daycare over a simple dog walking service:

Canine companionship — Every dog, from the Chihuahua on your lap to the Rottweiler guarding your home, is a wolf in disguise, and like wolves, they are pack animals. Daycare gives your dog a chance to act the part, forming their own pack with members of their own species. 

Safety – You want your dog to stay safe, and safety is the number one priority for the owners of the daycare. Throughout the day your canine companion will be taken care of and protected, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Mental stimulation – Dogs are intelligent animals, and they need mental stimulation to keep their minds active. Doggy daycare can provide that mental stimulation, keeping your canine companion engaged throughout the day. 

Healthy exercise – Dog walking can only go so far, and it may not meet the exercise needs of your canine. Doggy daycare can fill in the gaps, with individual walking and swimming sessions, playdates with other dogs, and plenty of chances to romp around and have fun. 

Security-  A stranger(s) are not entering your home.

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