Why Your Dog Howls

Dog Howls

Sometimes it’s joy. Sometimes it’s a protest. Or a reaction to a siren. Do your dogs howl or “sing,” too?
Dogs love to bark for numerous reasons. They bark to let you know someone is outside or at the door. They bark to let you know how they feel, whether they’re happy or not feeling well. Heck, sometimes it seems they don’t need a reason at all. After all, barking is one of the main ways they communicate with us and each other. Yes, nearly all dogs like to bark, but do all dogs howl or sing? Is it only certain breeds of dogs? Why do they sing?

 According to DogBreedWorld.com, certain breeds are known for their singing –- Alaskan Malamute, Beagle, Foxhound, and Coonhound, among others. However, all types of dogs sing -– Chihuahuas and Fox Terriers, to name a couple.
So, if your dog starts singing, you can sometimes attribute it to the breed. Or, you can attribute it to a certain reason or trigger for your dog. Better yet, if you know your dog is healthy, try singing along. Maybe you both can hit the musical stage and make it big!

Do your dogs howl or sing?